RO Client + Server Package

This is short preview of PreRE 99/70 x100 MidRate Server. How things looks like, and what you can get.

I have also showcase project where you can try online the files & the game that you can get locally. Try it before asking questions.
  1. Visit website above
  2. Sign Up there (email confirmation required)
  3. Download game client from the website
  4. Play, check features that you wanna check.

Note: this version a little bit outdated, the version that you can get here more updated.

Available packages:

  1. Renewal 18.1 server and client (250/50), featuring 4th classes, extended classes, meticulously tested, and inclusive of nearly all instances.
  2. Pre-Renewal 13.2 server and client (99/70), offering transcendent and advanced classes, delivering a classic gaming experience.
  3. Pre-Renewal 13.2 server and client (255/120), designed as a high-rate server catering to enthusiasts seeking swift-paced battles.

Compassion Table

FeatureClean rAthena or RO OfflineThis Package
Renewal Content❌ artificially limited, parts 16.2, 17.1 episodes. Partially 4 professions✅ Complete 18.1 Episode, self-tested. You can easily follow iRO wiki and be sure that everything as suppose to be
Client resources❌ full of bugs, dozens of errors, missing resources✅ Fixed all missing resources, founded bugs, client issues
Game Items❌ Limited, broken or missing resources✅ All resources, all items, all item descriptions
Game Monsters/NPC❌ lack of many, random crashes✅ All mobs and missing NPCs added and tested.
@commandsZero, or configure yourself✅ 80+ Pre-configured out the box, custom src mods
NPC❌ zero, only default ones✅ + Healer, Warper, Announcer, PVP Arena, PVP Ranking, MVP Ranking, Hunting missions, Quest Shop, Event Manager, WoE manager, Consumables, NPC in all cities
Script commands:a lot out the box, but not for bulk managment✅ dozens extra. Check doc/atcommands.txt and doc/script_commands (scroll to the end of file)
Support:❌ zero answers, or rare answers✅ frequent answers, and help
Time required for setup before playing with friends❌ weeks, months, years✅ Almost instantly after downloading and extracting

Why do you need RST Server + Client?

This is how looks like folder when you get your files. Everything is very simple and easy.

What makes this product better than anything else?

A well-executed technical assembly, polishing of the entire product over months


  • every item in the game was manually verified and updated
  • non-functional items were removed
  • all game locations (maps) were checked
  • item descriptions in the game were verified
  • all textures in the game were checked
  • dozens and hundreds of various issues were found and resolved, which you would encounter if you tried to assemble something similar yourself
  • the game client has been nearly perfected
Tested absolutely everything. When i say so, i mean so.
  • all Lua errors, resource errors, and missing item errors have been fixed
  • numerous fixes have been implemented in the game client, fonts sizes, and stability
  • there are no input lags and other standard problems with modern exes
  • palette issues have been completely resolved, personal developments have been implemented
  • navigation has been polished, all basic options in the game (which by default work with bugs for other servers) have been checked
  • all quests have been checked
  • absolutely all monsters in the game and their drops have been checked
  • a plethora of additional enhancements for game client files
  • DirectX 9 support
  • the ability to run the game client on discrete laptop cards
  • RCX support
  • Reshade support
Even maps, even sprites, and so on.
  • all sprites manually edited, and thousands of issues with them have been resolved
  • custom palettes for every sprite in the game (402 sprites, millions of palette files)
  • missing NPC sprites, monsters, items, cutins, animations, effects have been added
  • locations manually adjusted to prevent crashes in the game
  • various glitches with locations fixed (flickering)
  • Sonic Blow and Arrow Vulcan animations

Everything has been meticulously checked as much as possible.
Approximately a year was spent on testing, finding and fixing errors, polishing the game client, bringing it to perfection.
You won’t get such a stable game client from anyone else. This is a fully tested and working full-fledged game client.
And I haven’t even mentioned the customizations and pleasant additions to the game client yet. But more on that below.

Emulator side:

  • Thousands of costumes added to the emulator. Nobody else has anything like this at all.
    Gathered together from various official servers, from different sources, fully functioning items as costumes.
    Usually in an emulator, you have about 200-300 items, and about 200 costumes, of which 150 will have broken resources (conditionally).
    In my package, all items were manually checked and adjusted.
  • Hundreds of cloaks (visual wings, cloaks on character sprite). Huge work has been done to incorporate them into the game.
  • Costuming system: converting costume into regular item and vice versa.
  • Full navigation, item links, item previews without purchase.
  • Hundreds of unique quests for items (bring loot – get hat with bonuses)
This is just preview of some random unknown and not related to me server. Just to illustrate what is that. By deafult emulator does not have such feature, a lot of people wish to get that on their server

Fully integrated and rewritten eAmod Battlegrounds:

a.) Integration into the game client (alt+v) menu
b.) fully functional mods: conquest, rush, tripple inferno, and so on
c.) Telma, Erundek, KVM equipment
d.) @joinbg, @leavebg, @reportafk
e.) BG statistics
f.) possibility to add anti-afk system

What is eAmod BG?

  • This is a very popular paid non-default mod with eamod.
  • This is the emulation of WoE within BG. Many players really like such mod.
  • This is an endless GvG until one team wins with badges as rewards.
  • This mod is significantly different from the standard WoE / Battlegrounds.

Nobody has a fully working BG for the latest emulator version.
This is one of the coolest features in this emulator, and it is exclusively available for you.

Set of all necessary NPCs for the game:

  • healer
  • warper to all cities, locations, special maps
  • kafra
  • consumable seller
  • announcer
  • PvP arena, and PvP ratings
  • MVP ratings and TombStones
  • stylist for changing character colors
  • WoE warper, GvG tuner
  • JobChanger
  • Stats Reseter, Breeder, Premium Skills
  • Hunting Missions (always something to do in the game)
  • Quest Shop with more than 250 quests for different items with unique quests.
  • 2000 Costumes NPC, exchange costumes for cash points
  • Exchanger between: zeny, badges, points, cash points
  • Costumer
  • Robes
  • and so on and so on and so on

Configuration part:

  • server rates and drop rates are fully configured.
    The “mid-rate server” model is chosen so that the game brings pleasure, and there is no need to spend a long time grinding for something.
    This model and all server settings are specifically for those who love to play with friends.
  • navigation system
  • dozens of different @commands and script commands
  • mobevent system, for modifying monster AI (for example, you can make MVP vs MVP event) and others
  • about 10 events for the game, automatic events with prizes.

Technical Information:

  • A full-fledged latest available episode (applies to all packages).
  • For PreRE: 13.2 Episode
  • For Renewal: 18.1 Episode
  • For PreRE 255: 13.2 Episode

Documentation and Video Guides:

From newbie to average dev in 6 hours

Documentation, video instructions on how to add items, how to edit, how to use the emulator in general.
How the emulator is structured, which folders are for what, where and how to add NPCs, how to create NPCs, how to add new items, locations, monsters.
Detailed video guide for more than 6 hours of video.

Support for a year after purchase.

You won’t find anything even remotely similar to what’s in this package.
You can try to assemble everything yourself, but you will spend months of your life, and you are unlikely to achieve similar results that are already available out of the box.

Technical nuances of the package (emulator):

This package is intended for beginners who just want to play at home or with friends.
The package has absolutely everything you need, significantly better than RO Offline and fully tested.
Since cases of fraud from clients who create a huge number of problems and destroy my motivation have become more frequent, it was decided to encrypt some parts of the files that can be cut out or resold by ungrateful scammers from the package for subsequent resale or use on their own servers.

Due to the fact that part of the NPCs and source code are encrypted, the cost of the package has been significantly reduced.

How does package support work?

If you have a bug – you report it to me – I fix it. How quickly – depends on the complexity of the bug.
If you want to add, implement, improve something – you pay me money and we add, improve, implement together. If you want to host the server not on your PC but on a Linux server – this can also be arranged for an additional fee and server selection.

Additionally, for the entire duration of the license, you will receive free updates (not regular) and assistance with answering questions that arise during the operation of the package. The package is tied to a specific buyer of my services and it is prohibited to resell or share it with others.
Allowed – to organize work in such a way that others can connect to you.

What about Renewal?

  • Episode 18.1
  • All monsters & drop
  • All quests
  • Almost all instances
  • 4th classes and their working skills
  • 4th expanded classes and their skills
  • plus everything included in PreRE
  • Renewal content has been thoroughly manually checked and works perfectly. Follow iROWiki.

What will you get?

You will receive an encrypted archive with the files like this one:


  • emulator
  • client
  • lragone
  • readme file

Total size: ~5GB

Everything works straight out of the box, no need to take any actions.

I want to play with friends:

Two options:

  1. Either you configure Hamachi, VPN yourself, and share the connection from your PC.
  2. Or you can purchase a server where your game server will be hosted for an additional fee, I’ll set everything up, and you’ll be good to go.
  3. Alternative option: paid addon: i will provide you with a tool that you can run and expose your local server online via 3rd party server that i will provide for you.

I want to make changes to the game:

Yes, no problem, configuration files and database files are available.
Documentation and video instructions are also available. You can make changes. The only limitation is that the source codes from which it was compiled for Windows are not available to you and will not be available.

I need help writing NPCs, commands, and so on:

We solve basic issues for free.
But if you need something customized for you, you have two choices:

  • either write it yourself using the documentation (time-consuming, tedious, but what you want)
  • hire me to write it for you: quick, efficient, expensive

If customization of source codes is needed, make a request, I customize it, and you receive compiled files with customization. This is a paid service.

How often will updates be released?

Updates will be released once a year or more. It depends on the content and improvements.

I want to create a server for other players to play:

For this, you need: Linux VPS, Linux Control Panel, Patcher, Website, and client + emulator + palettes.
If you purchase all of this, you will receive a 20% discount for bulk purchase. It’s profitable. After that, you will receive a fully functional game server.

I need a custom different episode and content:

Everything is discussed individually. Unfortunately, old episodes are always very expensive. Not everyone can afford it.

What are the limitations in the standard package?

In fact, only palettes are limited to 25. Everything else is not cut and works fully.
Why are palettes limited? Because you can buy them at a discount for this package and use different colors.