The agreement applies to all of my services.

I waive any responsibility for any damage caused to your, your PC, or your software.
This does not mean that I provide poor software; it’s just that each of you has different PCs, different systems, different software. All of this creates an infinite number of combinations of systems and software complexes that can cause something not to work. This is normal.
So, I am not responsible for something not working on your end.

All products on this site are tested, recorded in videos, and all work.
If something does not work for you, you contact me, I connect remotely to you, and we try to find the cause of the problem.
If the cause of the problem is not found, but the software copy works, for example, on my end – then this releases me from any obligations to help you until you personally fix your PC.

I sell my knowledge and skills, not files. When you buy something from me, you de facto rent my skills and knowledge for a certain period of time.

I can refuse to help you for any reason.

In case of problems with the product, I can solve them or not. It sounds strange, I understand, but the point is that there are situations when I physically don’t have time.
You can wait and get what you need, but the waiting times may not suit you and may be long.

I do not offer any refunds.
When you receive a file, you receive it forever.
Before buying something from me, ask yourself several times: “Do I really need this? Do I really want to buy it?”
I do not offer partial or full refunds.

I can only make decisions about refunds if I consider it appropriate.
For example: I took an order, didn’t fulfill it – returned the money. It’s simple. Provided that I haven’t started developing the order.
If I started developing the order – wait until you receive the results of the work.

I sell my knowledge and skills to you, and I am not responsible for how you will further use these files.
I assume that you need these files only for learning or research purposes, nothing more.

I do not guarantee practically anything, promise anything, and am not responsible for anything.

It is prohibited to distribute my products to third parties, resell them, or give access to third parties (excluding game clients for players).
In case of providing access to someone else, our agreements are terminated.

You automatically agree to all these rules and the agreement and undertake to comply with it, namely:

  • no refunds
  • I am not responsible for anything if something does not work
  • distribution, transmission, or resale of my developments is prohibited.

In case of violations: our agreements are terminated.