PreRE 99/70 Classic

300,00 $

RST PreRE: 13.2 Episode 99/70 x100

This is significantly better than RO Offline, a full-fledged game server with all premium content ready to play with friends. The source code and client are encrypted, which allowed us to lower the cost. For those who just want to play with friends without having to develop anything.

RST PreRE: 13.2 Episode 99/70 x100

Detailed information is here. Click the link


This is a limited RST package designed for Windows 10 and Windows 11.
It can be played locally or with friends.

You can preview client files and how emulator looks like here:

The cost of the package is reduced due to the absence of premium feature source codes.
The emulator source codes are closed, and the source codes of some paid NPCs are hidden.
The game client is encrypted to prevent data leaks.
But all functionality works.

What’s in the package?

Archive with files (5+ GB):

  • Fully configured and complete emulator
  • game client
  • laragon
  • documentation

When I will get the files?

You will receive a download link via email and instructions within 24 hours after the transaction. Usually, it’s almost immediate (provided I’m not asleep and I receive the notification). If something goes wrong, feel free to reach out via Discord or Support Tickets.

How to use?

  1. Unpack
  2. Run laragon
  3. launch the emulator
  4. Launch the game client

Registration via _M/_F
Default accounts:



When purchasing this package, you get support for 1 year from the date of purchase.
Support includes: bug fixes (if the emulator crashes).
Support does not include: help with development, etc.
Included youtube video lessons how to do X stuff in emulator.

Paid addons:

If you want to host a game server on the internet, there are paid options for this and full assistance in implementing it.
Deployment time after additional payment: about 6 hours.


You are prohibited from distributing the emulator and laragon files to third parties.
But you can distribute the game client (for friends to play with you).