RO Linux CP

300,00 $

This script is not sold through this website. To purchase this script, please contact me directly via tickets, chat, or Discord (anacondaq).

What is it?

This is a script for automatic installation of all necessary software to launch and operate an emulator on Linux. It includes a GUI, settings, folders, and simple management.

Details are available at the link: About RO Linux CP

What is this, and why is this script so cool?

This is a script with automatic installation and configuration of a full-fledged server. You can configure options in this script.

By default, it will:

  • install all updates
  • all necessary applications/libs for the graphical interface
  • everything needed to install and operate the emulator
  • after which you can specify which emulator to download and install on your server
  • the installation will proceed automatically, databases will be imported, users will be added, firewall rules will be set
  • you will receive a ready-made readme file on how to connect to the server.


What’s included:

  • script
  • documentation
  • video example



As I understand that many “sell their services” and are unable to write anything of their own, this script is sold with limitations. This script is not available to everyone. This script is only for beginners. Any resale or distribution of this script is prohibited.

The script is configured to work with the latest emulators and may not work with specific software required by your emulator. But everything is solvable, just contact me to purchase.


With the help of this script, RST will be installed for buyers of the RST (full) package.
This script is not included in the RST package, but it installs everything necessary with its help.