roCP – Modern Web Control Panel for Ragnarok Online server by anacondaq

Why roCP by anacondaq created?

Since I’ve been involved in game development for a long time, I have a lot to tell you so that you understand the extent of the mockery and disgusting things that happen in this community, control panels, current not solved by decades problems, hackers to steal your dbs and at the same time admins of FluxCP, and so on Read more below for some drama.

Showcases (test yourself):

You can click, and watch everything yourself.
Note: prere version has ability to test donation module in game.

What is a “control panel” and what is it needed for?

The control panel is simply a website. A website wrapper around the emulator’s database.
The standard functions of the control panel are:

  • registration of new accounts
  • password changes
  • the ability to make/accept automated donations that assigned to player in the game
  • optionally: general game statistics (ratings) in a user-friendly format

In short, the main function is registration and collecting donations from players. Nothing more.
The other “features” in the form of additional functionality are only there to stand out brightly against other servers.

roCP by anacondaq, what do I offer, description:

Below on this page, you can read about why the current offers on the market are poor. Now let me explain what I have done.

Firstly, I created and used my control panel on a real gaming server. My control panel has several advantages over all known control panels:
  1. My panel is always up-to-date, and vulnerabilities (if any) are regularly searched for and fixed.
  2. My panel is not tied to the RO world; it is always up-to-date and utilizes the latest developments and features available in web development.
  3. My panel is incredibly customizable and expandable with plugins, practically for any need you can imagine.

For example:

  • Want a forum? Very simple.
  • Want to add a ticket system? No problem.
  • Want to create a landing page with bonuses before opening? No problem.
  • Want to send regular newsletters and offers to your player base? You can do it however you like; there are plenty of tools.
  • Want to implement caching and load your site quickly and securely on visitors’ side? No problem, plenty of options to choose from.
  • Are you using something other than PayPal and want to connect this payment gateway to your site? Yes, no problem (depends on your country and whether the service is available to you).
  • Want your site to display excellently on mobile devices? No problem.
  • Need modern animations, beautiful designs in practically infinite quantities? All of this is available out of the box.
  • Want to change the site structure and article links? Also available within.
  • Want to create a database (wiki)? Plenty of solutions straight out of the box.
  • Want to create a referral system? Also, no problem.
  • The possibilities compared to the classic FluxCP are endless.

By purchasing my panel, you solve the following problems:

Endless number of designs:

  • You are no longer limited to the design of your site. You get 150 templates out of the box and a ready-made template of your choice (,
  • You can easily visually edit templates. Absolutely no web development knowledge is required; just move blocks, change images and text, and see in real-time what you get.
  • Optimized for mobile devices, for hiDPI displays.
  • You are free to create any designs literally within a day and change your site externally as you wish. Everything is incredibly simple and user-friendly for players.
  • You can organize events and various activities for players through the site every day.

In general, regarding the visual part, you literally have a toolkit that is very easy to use for endless customization of the visual part of your site. Everything is as simple, fast, and effective as possible. Even a beginner can handle it without any skills.

Any payment gateway:

FluxCP out of the box has ONLY PayPal for receiving donations. Which works mediocrely, insecurely, and often incorrectly.
This panel, however, allows you to connect ANY payment gateway and accept donations through it, crediting credits in the game.

You can connect PageSeguro, Paymentwall, cryptocurrency, any other payment aggregators literally in a couple of clicks and start accepting payments.
Everything is made as simple and convenient as possible. And your clients can choose how they will make the donation.

Plugin extensibility to any taste:

There’s nothing to say here; you have a huge list of plugins (paid and free) with which you can significantly expand the functional part of your site.

And the most important thing:

  1. Integration with the emulator database.
  2. Statistics display.
  3. Online display.
  4. Updates and improvements.
  5. Support (issue resolution).

Comparison table:

FeatureroCP by anacondaqFluxCP
Design150+ templates out the box, Endless number for a fixed fee, visual theme editorOnly one design, and/or $200-300 per design from third-party developers without customization options. Required html/css/js skills
Payment GatewaysEndless number (paypal, stripe, cryptocurrency, pageseguro, paymentwall, etc)Only PayPal
SecurityUses the latest versions of PHP, secure addonsUses code stuffed with trojans, holes for leaking databases that no one fixes for years.
FlexibilityEndless number of things that can be easily done with the panelYou are maximally limited in the panel.
Compare yourself.

roCP by anacondaq requirements:
Web server: nginx/apache/litespeed
PHP: 8.2/8.3+

Few words about absurd, and dirty business:

What control panels exist for Ragnarok Online and what are their problems?

  • sgcp – probably one of the oldest (completely irrelevant in 2024) and most dangerous panels. Lots of vulnerabilities, XSS, SQL injections.
  • ceresCP – better already, a familiar panel, was very popular, but unfortunately – some russian scum comrades and some “brazilians” of very popular game servers uploaded viruses and backdoors there into the general SVN repository to hack many many RO servers long time ago, forcing a lot of people to move to fluxCP. Not relevant in 2024 at all.
  • fluxCP – when it appeared in 2008 (it is younger than the two above) – positioned itself as a “safe panel.” Unfortunately, this is not true. Relevant in 2024, actively used, but I do not recommend. Full of vulnerabilities, and game server databases are easily hacked by various russian freaks who are de facto appointed by the rathena administrator to the position of a “contributor” to the open repository.
    Want your server to be hacked? Use FluxCP. Sanasol will take are about it, and to send as much spam as they could. Dont worry. Than it will be used as good source for spam for another russian trash server.

If with SGCP / CeresCP everything is clear, these panels simply died in 2010-2013 simply because everyone massively switched to FluxCP. But people switched to fluxcp also because of great designs from cool designers (who are no longer active in the community), then with FluxCP there is a very interesting story that I want to explain to you, so you know.

What’s wrong with FluxCP?

Oh, this is one of my pain in the neck. Why? Because I used to be an emulator developer and had popular servers. I used it in production.
And I also have passion and increased interest in how everything works, and I often watch logs and see how they (russians, and not only) tried to hack my server, and who exactly (russians, who are currently de facto together with the rathena administrator continue to hack RO servers, while they at the same time time to time write some commits to FluxCP. I.e. people who hack servers at the same time on position who contribute to fluxCP (absurd)).

So, in 2013 or 2014, I discovered a critical vulnerability in FluxCP that allowed to unload the RO database, see all donation data, break any server and any database. I immediately, as a responsible altruist, reported the problem first in personal messages to the responsible people on the forum – but my messages were intentionally ignored. After that i publically posted it just to force people take some actions related to this problems, which never happened at all.

Then, seeing that the same people were hacking and stealing dbs from one game server after another (they turned to me for help in investigating who hacked and when), I started writing publicly with links to the vulnerability. My posts were edited and hid data and direct panel vulnerabilities, arguing with any nonsense ideas from: “incorrectly configured server” to “this is not a problem at all.”, while there are a lot of problems still exists in fluxCP.

And then you see several servers with thousands of online players, which before the opening spam your mailboxes so that you come to their opening. True, no one says where these mailboxes came from. There was even a topic on the “success of cool servers”:

This is long story short about “success” of any popular new server. Spam spam spam spam.

So that you understand where the “cool 1k+ online” comes from. It’s always the same scheme:

  • hack/steal the database, but don’t break the server
  • drain all mail, personal info
  • wait for the server to die (online drops after 2 months after opening)
  • spam with an announcement and invitation
  • players come to play.
  • everyone likes it for a while
  • everyone gets tired
  • the project closes
  • start spamming again.
  • repeat

And all thanks to a bunch of vulnerabilities in FluxCP.
Want your databases to be broken? Use outdated software.

Why is FluxCP outdated?

The FluxCP conpceptually did not change at all. Same practices that used decades ago.

Check yourself:

  • Because it was created in 2008, and has not changed much since then. Literally.
  • It was created using the up-to-date version of PHP for 2008.
  • All subsequent changes are “commits” just to keep it work. But nobody cares about security, problems, and errors.
  • Since 2012, there have been no changes or improvements to this panel at all.
  • It is dead morally and almost technically control panel
  • Even now, the code is stored in the official repository, which is not fully compatible with PHP > 5.6
  • And now the current version of PHP is 8.3 (2024), and version 8.3 is not compatible with PHP 5.6
  • Therefore, crutches are created for crutches. No new practices are used to protect data
  • Nothing is used at all. This is horribly old code that has outlived its usefulness. It is used because there are many beautiful themes, and it’s free. But it is absolutely unsafe and harmful. Dont use original fluxCP

Phew, I hope you understand the essence of the problems now.