RCX RoSimplePlugin LGP for Ragnarok Online

RCX RoSimplePlugin LGP for Ragnarok Online

All clients who purchased (paid money) for RST products from anacondaq have the opportunity to receive RCX for the RST client for free. Just contact me.

What is RCX? RCX is third-party software created to visualize effects on low-end PCs.

You’ve probably heard of @lgp. So @lgp = is a stolen implementation from RCX And instead of loading separate software, lgp loads data from its library.

Why is it needed? Honestly, these things are actively used for GvG and on low-end PCs.

But with the anacondaq.dll that I developed and which improves game performance, this is not very relevant.

For an additional fee (starting from $100), I can sell this RCX for your game exe.