About payment methods

I accept payments via PayPal or Cryptocurrency. If PayPal isn’t working (for example, with users from South America and some other countries), you only have Cryptocurrency as an option. No need to worry, it’s always straightforward.

The gist is: you register on a website where you can purchase cryptocurrency using a payment gateway convenient for you and receive it in your account. Afterward, using this cryptocurrency, you can make a purchase on the website or contact me for a direct transfer to the wallet I specify.

I have crypto, whats my next steps?

I have a cryptocurrency wallet, and I’m familiar with cryptocurrency. I provide access to payment for my services both on the website and manually (contact me via Discord (anacodnaq)). I have: bitcoin, eth, USDT, doge, ltc.

I’m new to cryptocurrency, what do I need?

In short, different services exist for different countries that solve all problems for you. Recommended list:

Before starting registration there, google:
“Does support my country?”

Because different countries have different laws and regulations. Usually, Binance is available almost everywhere except the USA. Coinbase typically takes a long time for verification, and registration takes several days.

In general, when you make sure the crypto site works in your country, register. The cryptocurrency exchange will ask you to provide documents for verification. This is normal. All financial companies require this to know their users and counteract fraud. Upload the documents, pass verification, and you’ll gain access to purchase everything.

If you encounter any difficulties, reach out to me, and I’ll try to help.