Welcome to RST by anacondaq

This website is for those who want to create their own gaming server

I have extensive experience in developing gaming servers and know almost all the ins and outs and problems that I can handle for you. For a fixed fee, you’ll be able to purchase a full-fledged gaming server. Customize it, have support and maintenance. You have the budget, time, and desire? I can practically implement almost anything for your money.

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I’ve been involved in Ragnarok Online, the emulator, and everything related to it for a long time. So I understand what a specific newcomer wants. And I provide it.

If you think creating a gaming server is cheap – good luck with your attempts.
You may encounter a bunch of scammers in this environment who don’t even provide services close to what I provide, or provide severely cut or stolen (usually my old work or the work of other authors) content and disappear after the sale.

If you think creating a gaming server is “cheap” – you’re wrong.

Please, don’t even try to create a gaming server if you:

  • don’t have the finances and budget to create the project.
  • don’t have a real need or desire to create a gaming server
  • it’s “just a hobby” for you, nothing more.
  • you’re not intentionally and persistently committed to working on your project and solving problems

If you’ve decided:

“I want a server, I have the money, do it well for me.” Then you’ve come to the right place.
For such cases, I have prepared three different packages.
Optionally, for an additional fee, these servers can easily be transformed into online games on your domain, your server with my support.

On the website, you’ll find various products, both free and paid, different concepts, developments, and other stuff I’m working on.
You can buy the necessary items automatically right away.