RO Web Control Panel

500,00 $

Get your hands on a cutting-edge web control panel featuring mobile-first designs, over 150 pre-designed templates, user-friendly interface, enhanced security, surpassing fluxCP. Opting for this solution not only saves you money upfront but also ensures its usability across all your upcoming projects. Reach out to me through support tickets or Discord chat to learn more and seize this deal.

What is it and why is it exists?

This is web control panel for rathena emulator by anacondaq. Works great with RST.
Detailed information you can read by this link

Working showcase (test websites that you can try before buy):


Requirements before purchase:

  1. Contact anacondaq via support tickets/chat/discord
  2. We talk about infrastructure, what is required to roll-out/setup the website on your hosting
  3. You making payment, and getting files ready
  4. Bounded per domain
  5. Additional domains +$10/year

What will you get?

Pre-configured and out the box ready to use or replace on your existing server roCP.
(you can select one from two read for RO designs, and you will get extra 150+ general templates)
Instruction how to edit most important settings and how to connect to your RO server.
Support / help with installation


You can’t share the files with anybody else, or re-sell them.
Over time you will get more updates/upgrades with extra modules and ranking features.
Keep files private, for long-term partnership. Violation of rules – will lead to conflict.