Modern Thor Patchers

200,00 $

Introducing a Modern drop’in’replace Thor patcher complete with a login feature. Prior to purchase, customization requests are welcome. While pre-made options are available, you can collaborate with me to create a bespoke design for your patcher. Simply reach out to me via Discord or chat or Support Tickets before making a purchase. In just one hour of discussion, you’ll receive the comprehensive solution you require.

Click me for detailed information about the feature.


Please provide next info:

  1. Design that you wish to get
  2. Current website URL of patch server
  3. Current website URL of where stored files on your patch server
  4. Link to plist.txt
  5. Name of your game client exe file (that will be started when player hit start button)

After making a purchase, it’s essential for us to collaborate and tailor a solution to your needs.
Ideally, please reach out to me through chat here, Discord (anacondaq), or support tickets on the website.

Following this, we’ll finalize the transaction, and you’ll receive the design and patcher of your choice.


What will I get by buying this product?

Click the lnik for Detailed information about the product.

A link via email to your registered email address after payment and payment confirmation to the archive with all files:

  • patcher.exe
  • instruction file

The patcher require some chat before purchase to make sure that you will get everything what is needed. Because this is customizable product.


When I will receive my files?

After completing your purchase, your files will be delivered to your registered email account in under 24 hours, typically within one hour of the transaction.


Terms of purchase:

Because it’s closed source, you can do whatever you wish with the file. SRC files you will not get, only ready patcher for your domain.


What if i need to change domain name?

Contact me, and for $5 fee we will fix URL inside the patcher.


What to do if an error is discovered:

  1. Open a ticket on the website about the problem
  2. or contact via Discord (anacondaq) describing the problem
  3. After a certain time, you will receive a fix.

The patchers working fine under Windows 10, Windows 11.
The patchers does not work under linux, macos, or under wine or virtual box.
Do not even try.

Refunds / Money Back:

Refunds after the sale of this product the same as many others on the website are not available. You will not be able to reclaim the money after the purchase. This product is digital, so once you receive it, you will not be able to return it in a way that does not retain it for yourself. Therefore, refunds for all my services are not possible.