Palettes 1524 pcs + sprites (GRF)

400,00 $

  1. 1524 Palettes for all classes (+4th jobs)
  2. Fixed sprites
  3. GRF encrypted archive
  4. Readme file how to install

What will I get by buying this product?

Click the lnik for Detailed information about the product.

A link via email to your registered email address after payment and payment confirmation to the archive with all files.


When I will receive my files?

After completing your purchase, your files will be delivered to your registered email account in under 24 hours, typically within one hour of the transaction.


In the archive:

  • grf files of palettes and sprites
  • instructions on how to install on the server
  • utility for working with GRF archives.

Terms of purchase:

  • You commit to storing the grf with palettes and sprites in encrypted form
  • You agree not to pass/share the files to anyone
  • You may use these palettes for up to 5 of your game servers.

If you misuse these palettes, or pass them on to someone else, or, God forbid, resell them – our agreements terminate, and considering the trouble I might face with the distribution of my files and efforts – be prepared for retaliatory measures against you by same dirty methods.
Therefore, do not breach the agreement, use the palettes only for your game client – and we will have long-term partnership relations.

What to do if an error is discovered:

  1. Open a ticket on the website about the problem
  2. or contact via Discord (anacondaq) describing the problem
  3. After a certain time, you will receive a fix.

The palettes have been meticulously and scrupulously tested under various settings, so they work well by default.

I want unique palettes for my server:

You pay an additional $199 – and receive exclusive palettes solely for your server with a color scheme as we agree upon.
This process takes about a week from agreement, payment to receiving unique palettes. Just add to notes that you wish to make your own unique palettes per your own server.

Refunds / Money Back:

Refunds after the sale of this product the same as many others on the website are not available. You will not be able to reclaim the money after the purchase. This product is digital, so once you receive it, you will not be able to return it in a way that does not retain it for yourself. Therefore, refunds for all my services are not possible.